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The role of Jews in White slavery

One extremely serious topic that is rarely talked about, is the sex slavery of vulnerable individuals; usually young women and children from poor and underdeveloped nations who fall prey to criminals and organized crime syndicates involved in the buying and selling of human beings. Jewish criminals and Jewish organized crime groups play a dominant role in the enslavement of young women from poor Eastern European countries such as Russia, Ukraine, Moldova e.t.c. who are then transported to Israel usually under the promise that they will be given a job there, but once they arrive in Israel their passports are taken away and they are then sold to Jewish pimps who hold the girls hostages in brothels where they are forced to sleep with Jewish clients.

What’s even more shocking is that this is allowed to happen by the Israeli government who turn a blind eye and make no real effort to arrest and imprison the Jewish pimps and Jewish crime groups who are responsible for trafficking young women into Israel. Furthermore even Jews who are not involved with organized crime have admitted to buying and selling young women; this shows how little they think of non-Jews, that they allow the enslavement of defenceless young women as long as they are not Jewish. Below is a short video about the sex slavery in Israel: